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Workers harvesting plantains

About us

Sustainable, low fat, tropical fruits and veggies with authentic Latin flavor.

We are third generation farmers and food processors whose goal is to eliminate food waste, and create value and decent work by utilizing our country's, Nicaragua, resources.

What makes us unique

Farm source

Farm sourced

We control the product from the seed. We have selected the Curare enano variety known for its yellow color and great taste. We deal with the farmers directly cutting the middleman. We also source from our own farms.



We use 100% of the harvested fruit and upcycle plantains with minor peel defects into a premium product. We are committed to eliminating food waste in the world.


Pre-airfryed with RSPO palm oil

We use RSPO palm oil. Our process uses 90% less oil since we use Air Frying technology to give our customers the option of a healthier toston.

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